Tuesday, December 02, 2014

My thoughts

"Love is a human experience not a political statement"

Quite frankly that is the best statement I've heard in a while and I believe in every word. With so much talk and fuss lately about gay marriage and religion and what's right and wrong... I felt I would share my views on this.

You can hate me or love me for my views and opinions, they are mine and I am in no way trying to persuade or push them upon anyone.

Love is love and you can't choose who you fall in love with. Are we so jealous of what other people have in their love that we must make a choice to prove them wrong? Why should it matter if I love someone who is not who you would choose to love?

I don't believe people choose to be a certain way over another or choose to love one sex over the other sex or choose to love both.. if we had the choice why would we choose the harder path, the path that causes more pain and turmoil? Isn't it our natural instinct as humans to choose the path with least resistance?!

There is enough pain in this world, there are plenty of problems and situations that need our attention. Gay Marriage IS NOT one of them! I fully support marriage of all people, love for all people and equal rights for ALL people.

If we can choose to be happy with ourselves and spread that happiness to others then why not choose to do so? It costs nothing but gives so much in return. Love knows no boundaries, no sexes, no colors, no religions.. love only knows love.

And who I love might be different from who you love but again... what does that matter to you?!