Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful christmas, Zach is doing really well this week. He met with his new allergist at Duke on Tuesday and that went well. The new plan is back to no foods..which wasn't a stretch since he was only on chicken.. and he added in a 3 month course of swallowed steroids to hopefully heal his esophagus and he can scope clean when he gets to Cincinatti Childrens. At that point we can try moving on with foods, he did say that Zach is probably one of the kids that needs a food trial of one food for several months then a scope to tell if he is allergic. So it looks like a lot more surgeries for us in the future but we will take that for food. So far he is doing better on the steroids, the only major drawback is his attitude. He is acting unlike himself, he is fussy and sometimes mean. Maybe it won't last for long.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a week..

This past week has been really crazy and hectic. Wedneday Zach fell and hit his tube on something and it was bleeding really bad so he had to go to Baptist ER. It stopped bleeding and they said it was fine so we went home. Well, on Thursday everytime I tried to feed him in his tube he threw up so the Dr was worried he did damage to his tube. They did a contrast xray at Cone and everything was fine but by this time he was running a 103 fever too. He went all day not taking any formula and by 8 pm we called his Dr and he had us meet him at the office. He looked fine, just weak, the only thing he could fine was one ear was red so he gave him a IM injection of antibiotics in his leg. The next morning we had to call him back because he was sick all night and was doing nothing but laying around. So not like him so he got admitted to Cone Friday morning. He was so dehydrated and sick. It actually turned out he had RSV and some type of stomach flu so he had fluids all day and night and all day saturday. We finally got to home late Saturday evening. He is doing better now, still coughing a little but better. Poor Baby :(

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our Appointments coming up

We are planning our trip to Cinncinati Childrens Hospital, they are in the process of getting all the insurance verified and approved. That should be sometime in February, we go for a week long of appts, tests and education seminars. I am looking forward to speaking with a specialist who sees children with disorder every day. I know every child is different in their symptoms, outcomes, etc but at this point any advise is appreciated.
His Ped, Dr Young was also talking with his GI, Dr Hill and and they decided he also needs to go back to Duke for their allergy department. I guess Duke has an awesome allergy department and the cheif of allergy really wants to see Zach's case...(he is pretty unusual). So we go to Duke on December 21, hopefully good news before Christmas!
We are still waiting on bloodwork from the neurology testing but for now, she wants Zach to go see an Orthopedic dr. He is walking funny, turning his feet in. It is his right more than his left and it is causing him to limp and fall and he looks pretty bow-legged. So we are waiting on that appt as well.
It looks like December and the new year will be pretty busy with appts again, maybe this year someone can help him get on the road to being a little better.