HI! I'm Crystal, a 32 year old mom to 2 wonderful boys. They both have special needs, completely different just like their personalities. I love being their mom, they are my greatest accomplishments and truly own my heart. I am such a completely different person since becoming a mom. I have learned so much from them, they teach me lessons in love, acceptance and patience everyday.

Besides being their mom, I am also a full time student getting my degree in special education. I have had to learn to fight our education system to get the help my children need in school, this is how I found my calling to become a special needs teacher/parent advocate.

I love football, I'm a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan even if they haven't been to the Super Bowl since I was in middle school. Doesn't matter to me, I will still cheer them on all the way! 
I love animals, all animals and have had my share of all things great and small. I worked in the animal field since I was a teenager. I am a firm believer in rescue animals and lost count of how many animals I have brought home and rescued. I have a great need and want to help every creature great and small... sounds very cliché` but absolutely the way I feel.

My little black secret......I am addicted to Pinterest! Yes, I admit it, I spend way too much time pinning stuff that I will never accomplish. And according to my Pinterest boards I should be a stay at home, homeschooling, DIY crafting, Martha Stewart wanna-be professional chef, party planning maven. But- one can dream, right?!
I also love babies and would loved to have had more, I really wanted a girl, although as my boys get older I see how they are much easier than girls, but due to some medical issues there will be no more at my house so that's a love to be admired from afar. I would still love to adopt a little girl one day, there are so many children out there that would love a family.
Our Kind of Special was started about five years ago now, but was originally all about my youngest sons medical journey. It was just a way to keep everyone updated on what was going on. And just over the past couple of years it was transformed into a blog about both my children, their needs, what makes them special and our life together. I have changed my blog entries from all about medical issues and updates to all the emotions, frustrations and struggles that go along with raising two little boys with special needs. Along with my boys' medical needs, I also live with a painful autoimmune disorder that I am trying to learn how to survive with. 

Lucas, my first born decided to join us 8 weeks early and spent his first month in the NICU. He is my miracle boy since he almost died in pregnancy.  He has ADHD, SPD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, issues with speech, anxiety, muscle tone, fine and gross motor delays and I'm sure I'm leaving something out. But he also has a heart of gold and is very smart! He has grown into a handsome and very empathetic little man who is now entering 3rd grade. He loves animal and rocks and can invent or build anything out of anything. He is a mommy's boy all the way! 
Zachary, was born on time on 36 weeks, but then spent his first couple of years in and out of the hospital on feeding tubes, central lines and antibiotics. He has probably seen over a hundred different physicians and had about 20 surgeries. He has Eosiniphillic Esophagitis, food and medicine allergies, autonomic dysfunction and ADD.  The autonomic dysfunction proves to be the most difficult to deal with now...he has a lot of trouble regulating his body temperature, overheating, unexpected fevers of unknown cause, flushing of his skin...  But he is a fighter and has been through so much in his short five years.
He is in love with crafting and is my baby boy forever! 
I really hope you enjoy reading about our family. I have strived to be totally truthful about how parenting goes with 2 boys, not to mention the fact that they are special. It's not easy, it's not always fun but I love them more than anything in this world.

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