Friday, December 23, 2011


Sorry I haven't updated in a week or so..I cannot even express how crazy it has been around here. We got home on Friday night, with a still nauseaus Zach but he was fast asleep when I pulled up in our driveway. It was so good just to be sleep in our bed and to have both my boys together again.
Saturday and Sunday they were inseperable, they played and followed each other around everywhere. Monday was also not to bad for him but by monday night the pain was back and nausea was getting worse. He screamed and cried in pain all night and by tuesday morning I was waiting on his ped to call me back about what to do.
They decided to stop his feeds and hopefully they would end the pain. He started throwing up Wednesday morning and it has only gotten worse since. Yesterday his home health nurse pulled cultures and blood work, even though he isn't running a fever..infection is always still possible. I along with everyone else right now, believes it is another psuedo obstruction episode. He is still in tremendous pain, vomiting every 30 min to hour and his g tube and j tube are draining lots of air and bile.
We are trying everything to try to keep him home for Christmas, he is getting extra fluids and I have him hooked up to a GI suction machine to help with nauseau. He is also getting zofran every 8 hrs, phenegren every 4 hrs and dilaudid every 3 hrs or so on top of the methadone infusion. He isn't running high fevers, and blood work isn't pointing toward infection. So we are ok with trying to treat at home, really there isn't anything differently they would do at the hospital.
Please just keep praying he can make it through Christmas at home. Also keep my family in your prayers this holiday..we have been through a rough week. My husbands grandfather passed away on Friday, my father passed away on Monday and my husbands aunt passed away on Tuesday (the morning of his grandfathers funeral) And then with Zach being sick on top of all of this, it is just going to be a hard Christmas for all of us.

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  1. Keeping you guys in prayer, such a difficult time.