Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today's appt

So a quick wrap up of our appt today...we are testing Zach for systematic mastocytosis, VIP tumors and neuroendocrine tumors in his GI tract (since he has calcifications on his 3 last abdominal xrays that they can't figure out what they are) and his symptoms could fit with those tumors. Yes, I said tumors! He had more bloodwork done today and I have to collect 24 hrs of urine on sunday and drop it off monday morning to finish the early testing for all of these problems. He is hanging on by a thread of not having to be admitted, this is going to be ongoing with weight checks. We are still waiting on the DR to hear back from a surgeon about his previous surgery and I should hear back from the GI by monday to update me on bloodwork. That's all for now...

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  1. Thinking about you guys & Zach! My prayers are with your family.

    Elyse (EAH123 from KFA)