Friday, August 23, 2013

On your way...

I am so proud of you. 
My miracle baby that came into this world 8 weeks too soon, you have just finished your first week of Kindergarten. I feared these days. With all your struggles and your differences, the days of sending you off in the care of others and me not by your side to hold your hand and say it's ok. You are growing up and I don't know what your future brings but I am so proud of you for where you are. 
You amaze me everyday. I saw you kick your legs on the swing yesterday, that is such a big step! And today your teacher told me that you played in PE! It's the little things that make me proud. You will never have to win awards or come in first place to amaze me. I find amazement in the things that you are getting better at, the button that you couldn't work yesterday but today you got it. The letters that I found you wrote on a piece of paper all by yourself, and the shoes that you put on and got them on the right feet. 
You are a miracle and you will accomplish great things. 
I am so proud of you. 

Lucas birth til Kindergarten in pictures-
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