Monday, September 08, 2014

Empty nest...

Kindergarten 2014
It happened... the first day of school (insert crying here) ok well maybe not the first day or week....haha but eventually yes, I did cry. 
As much as I wanted the quiet house, it is a lonliness that I wasn't expecting. To think that my baby boy is off to kindergarten is heartbreaking.
Did I pack his meds? does his teacher know what to do? does he know what to do? will he eat lunch? will he miss me? what if he does miss me? will they call me?
How do you control all the emotions of putting your faith that your child, who at one put in his life was considered failure to thrive, medically fragile and probably wouldn't live to the age of 5, with a stranger for 8 hours a day???
But, I did.... and yes, the teacher has spoken to me almost everyday about him but the transition is going better than I expected. I still cannot believe he is in kindergarten. My baby boy is growing up...please stop growing baby Zach :(
Everyday seems to get easier though, he likes school and he is making friends. He says he has 2 girlfriends and 1 boyfriend so far.. oh the innocence of a sweet 5 year old. I wish I could keep him this innocent forever but eventually society will get to him and he will learn the importance of his mix of friends.
With Zach's health issues still at hand and with several relapses over the past month, he does have special accommodations in school. He cant play in recess or in PE until It gets cooler weather outside. But he is okay with that most days, the first week was a bummer when everyday he would come home telling me he couldn't play outside. Now he doesn't mind too much, he gets to play with the Ipad and is pretty content with that.

I am guessing this whole empty nest feeling will eventually surpass, but oh how I miss the days of snuggling on the couch with my baby boy all day.
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