Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tube feedings

So, after 5 days at Brenner Children's Hospital Zach, came home with a NG tube. That is a feeding tube from his nose down to his stomach and he can not have any more foods for now. He drinks his bottle of Elecare during the day and then at night we have to hook him up to a pump to have 10 hours of continuous feed. This has definitely been life changing for all of us. Zach misses eating food, he walks around saying "eat eat" which breaks your heart. This is all for the best, that is what keeps us going, his stomach is resting and he is doing really good.
At his first checkup with Dr Young, he was sooo excited to see how good Zach was doing and that he was starting to get some fat on his arms. He is now 22.01 pounds, the Biggest he has ever been! Hopefully he will keep on growing.
He has food patch testing on August 30 at Brenners' to determine more allergic foods. Then he goes for his 18 month checkup with Dr Young on Sept 2nd and finally back to see Dr Hill at Brenners' on Sept 3rd. We will decide about foods at that point. We will have to start seeing a dietician to help with his diet because when we do start adding foods back he can not have any foods with sugar due to his sucrase deficiency and he is allergic to almost everything.
We will catch back up in a month.

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