Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our Appointments coming up

We are planning our trip to Cinncinati Childrens Hospital, they are in the process of getting all the insurance verified and approved. That should be sometime in February, we go for a week long of appts, tests and education seminars. I am looking forward to speaking with a specialist who sees children with disorder every day. I know every child is different in their symptoms, outcomes, etc but at this point any advise is appreciated.
His Ped, Dr Young was also talking with his GI, Dr Hill and and they decided he also needs to go back to Duke for their allergy department. I guess Duke has an awesome allergy department and the cheif of allergy really wants to see Zach's case...(he is pretty unusual). So we go to Duke on December 21, hopefully good news before Christmas!
We are still waiting on bloodwork from the neurology testing but for now, she wants Zach to go see an Orthopedic dr. He is walking funny, turning his feet in. It is his right more than his left and it is causing him to limp and fall and he looks pretty bow-legged. So we are waiting on that appt as well.
It looks like December and the new year will be pretty busy with appts again, maybe this year someone can help him get on the road to being a little better.

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