Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a week..

This past week has been really crazy and hectic. Wedneday Zach fell and hit his tube on something and it was bleeding really bad so he had to go to Baptist ER. It stopped bleeding and they said it was fine so we went home. Well, on Thursday everytime I tried to feed him in his tube he threw up so the Dr was worried he did damage to his tube. They did a contrast xray at Cone and everything was fine but by this time he was running a 103 fever too. He went all day not taking any formula and by 8 pm we called his Dr and he had us meet him at the office. He looked fine, just weak, the only thing he could fine was one ear was red so he gave him a IM injection of antibiotics in his leg. The next morning we had to call him back because he was sick all night and was doing nothing but laying around. So not like him so he got admitted to Cone Friday morning. He was so dehydrated and sick. It actually turned out he had RSV and some type of stomach flu so he had fluids all day and night and all day saturday. We finally got to home late Saturday evening. He is doing better now, still coughing a little but better. Poor Baby :(

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