Thursday, March 10, 2011

So many emotions

So things have been crazy around here...Zach's appt got moved up to the week of March 21st. When they called, I only had 3 weeks to get ready. We had our original appt on April 4 so it is going to be 2 weeks early. We have gotten most things ready..I got the doctors note (since Zach has a feeding pump which he wears, lots of formula, bags, supplies and epi pens) we need a note to get through security. I also got a 10 page email from Cincy with his itinerary, allery information, pre op physical and some other things that needed to be looked at. I got our flight plans changed, now we are leaving on Sunday March 20 at 11:00 am from RDU.

Well then today, a got a call from Cincy again saying they had to reschedule his appt til April 18....5 weeks away!! Needless to say I was very upset about this. Zach has gotten very tempermental when it comes to meal times, he bangs his head on the table and crys. I also catch him getting into the pantry and chewing on boxes and bags. So, I called his Pediatrician and told him the news and my concern with Zach. There are a lot of other factors as well. About 15 minutes later the manager of the Eosiniphillic program called and told us our week was still on, he was just going to get another doctor to do the missing part. He is supposed to call me back and let me know the new itinerary.

I am so relieved. We have been looking so forward to this trip for months..actually since November. I am very thankful for his Pediatrician for what he did by calling them. Please pray that this trip will help to bring knowledge and advancement in Zach's medical condition. This next week will probably be very busy with packing and getting ready but I will try to update as much as possible while we are there.

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