Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are here at last!

So we got to the airport this morning around 7:45...flight wasn't til 11 but I thought it would take longer with security so I wanted to be early. It was awesome, we got through security and to our gate in about 20 minutes. Although, since I walked with Zach through the xray machine and he had on his beeped so we each had to have a pat down. :( Not the funnest part but I am all for making my plane ride safe!

Zach loved watching all the planes (or as he calls them, hellie copters) on the runway and he loved, loved the moving sidewalk! We waited a couple of hours til they started boarding our plane...which was a very small jet, it only held about 50 people and I do not reccommend it as your first plane ride, but oh well. We got to board first...I had to strap in his carseat and get him all hooked up to drain his stomach through his g-tube while he was getting his formula through his j-tube.

The flight was uneventful, mild turbulance but since the plane was so small, you could feel everything...the slowing down, the turns, every air pocket and wind was not my cup of tea. But it was short, we landed at around 12:20. We unloaded, and then had to walk to the other side of CVG airport to get our bags and rental car. We got to our hotel around 2 or is really nice. We are staying at Homewood Suites, we have a full kitchen and 2 bedrooms. And were the hotel is located, there is a walmart and several restuarants within a 1/4 mile or so.

We rode around for a little while this afternoon, I wanted to get a feel for where the hospital is. It is only about 12 miles from the hotel but with traffic it will probably take a good half hour to get there. The city so far is interesting. There are some beautiful buildings and bridges and the riverfront and then you see some rundown areas as well. I want to go exploring and take some pictures later in the week..when we get some free time. Tomorrow will be busy....we have a GI clinic appt at 8 and then he has an endoscopy at 1, but we have to be at the surgery center by 11. He can't have any more formula after 5 in the morning so he will not be happy.

We are looking forward to what tomorrow and the rest of the week brings..good or bad, it is why we are here. We will not know what will help til we find out.

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