Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Infection again :(

Monday night we ended up back in the hospital. It all started Monday afternoon when his nurse came to take his labs and check his dressing. The dressing had some green discharge on it so she changed it and it was red and tender. She said it looked infected and needed antibiotics, so she called and left messages with his GI doc and surgeon. At 5:30 I still had not heard from any doctors so I paged his Pediatrician to tell him the issues. He called the surgeon on call and they wanted us to bring Zach over to the ER. We were supposed to be at the hospital at 6am on Tuesday for his motility test and upper endo.
We came to the ER and they took blood cultures and bloodwork and got us admitted. Luckily it looks like the infection is just local to the site of the central line. They started him on iv antibiotics and said we would be here for at least 48 hours to make sure the blood culture was negitive. They also canceled his motility testing AGAIN :(
He is doing really good though, no fevers!!! Which is good, cultures are still negitive. Hopefully he can go home on Thursday or Friday. His motility test got rescheduled for June 7 under sedation instead of anesthesia so he can't have his upper endo at the same time. After an infection you have to wait 3 weeks before you go under anesthesia but the doctors do not want him to wait another 3 weeks so we are going to do the sedation for the motility test and then do an upper endo in a month.

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