Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A vacation finally

We finally got a little vacation from this crazy mess of a year. We went to Cherry Grove, SC and spent a wonderful week down there. It was wonderful for everyone to just get away without doctor appointments or the hospital.

Even with Zach on his TPN 20 hours a day, it did not slow him down a bit on the beach. Him and Luke loved the sand and the ocean. They loved jumping waves and playing in the little pools that the tide would leave in the sand.

Could he look any happier? I am so glad he got to get away before reality hit again.

We visited the Ripley's Aqaurium and they both loved the fish and sharks. Zach's favorite part was seeing all the "Nemo" fish in the tank. We also visited the Alligator Adventure and saw lots of alligators, birds and other animals.

It was a great time and much needed by everyone. The boys cried when it was time to go home but hopefully we can go back soon.

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