Friday, June 17, 2011

Hospital again :(

Zach is back in the hospital this week. He got admitted on Thursday afternoon for pain management. He is having a lot of pain, especially at night..which is very strange but his regular meds are not working so they admitted him. He is on neurotin, which is a nerve medicine to try to control some pain and then he gets morphine as needed. They tried a trial of atavin today which is like valium but he must be allergic to that. He got sick and had a major attitude change so they took that away. They are going to try to do some tests on Monday or early next week and maybe they will help find some answers.

His GI doctor came by today and pretty much said he has no idea why he is having these symptoms, why his body is not working and no idea what to do about them. They are still trying to get more motility testing scheduled and some more barium studies. They also want to do colonoscopy with biopsies and talk to his allergist/immunologist about his IGE levels being so high. He mentioned he might want to check for hyper IGE syndrome. We will just have to wait til Monday for anything to be done, test wise. Til then we just manage his pain.

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