Sunday, September 04, 2011

Part 3

Zach had surgery on thursday to look for a possible obstruction in his small intestines. The surgeon couldn't find anything so he just placed a longer j tube...about 10 inches long into his intestines to see if that helps. The first day he was very sore and was on morphine every 2 hours as he recovered. Luckily the surgeon used the same incision he had used for his roux en y so still only 1 long scar. He was also very nauseus the first day but they had to take out all of his intestines and then put them back in so his body had to adjust. He lost lots of fluid during surgery and whole day he drained dried blood from his g tube. Which is all normal they tell me. Yesterday he was still draining bile from his g tube so they were holding off trying out the new tube just yet. Last night it also started leaking bile from around the stoma, which is the problem we were having to begin with so obviously the tube didn't solve that. We will have to wait and see what happens when we add feeds back in. We are still waiting on him to use the bathroom first before we can start feeds and it has almost been a week and nothing. This coming from a child that has 4-5 dirty diarrhea diapers a day so to me something isn't working in there.
Tomorrow we should get to see our regular doctors again so maybe they can answer some more questions or bring more insight.

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