Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick update

We are home, Zach got discharged tonight around 8pm after his last dose of antibiotics. We are praying all goes well this weekend and we will not be making anymore trips back to hospital for a while. We are supposed to hear from the Dr at Pittsburgh on Monday for him to tell us when they want Zach there. Hoping it is very soon, we are just playing russian roulette with this central line....we are lucky with the last two infections, he hasn't lost a line.
Also tomorrow his new pediatric walker will be delivered. This will hopefully allow him to move around more and build his endurance and muscle strength back up. When PT came today, she tried to have him walk around some and after about 20 steps or so he was breathing really heavy..he just doesn't have the energy or endurance anymore to move around.
Please help us pray that baby Zach makes it to Pittsburgh this week and stays infection and fever free :)

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