Thursday, February 06, 2014

I signed up for what??!!!


Yeah not sure what I was thinking when I signed that paper. I have never done a hike before, well not one that I wasn't just leisurely walking along. But I just felt like this was calling my name. Its new and different and completely out of my comfort zone. And the fact that I will be alone, 4 hours from home. Not alone in the sense of no one is around because there will be 75 of us hiking together. But that's 75 strangers.
My family will be at home, this is my journey. I feel this journey means to me than I can even put into words. 
This hike, is a commitment of my gratitude for in my opinion the best organization. 
Make a Wish
A completely non profit organization that grants wishes for children with life threatening 
medical conditions. 

They did this for us. If you are wondering why I am so committed to giving back and helping them raise money. 
This is why...

Zach got his wish granted in October 2012, he wished to see Mickey Mouse House. I can't express how much that week meant to us. The smile on his face meant he was better. 
Make a Wish does more than grant wishes, they bring hope and joy to families. They cure cancer and other illness for a week. That week of no doctor appts, no hospital stays, no thinking about what its or not feeling well. They give children a week of being a child.

This is the 2nd annual Trailblaze Challenge
 That's 24.1 miles in one day along the Bartram Trail in the NC mountains. 
It is going to be strenuous, hard and life changing. But I have no doubt I can do it. I always think about everything Zach went through and always had a smile on his face. He is my inspiration. 

The goal of the Trailblaze Challenge Is to raise $2500 to help grant more wishes. So please help me.  Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated and 100% of the donations go directly to Make a Wish. 
You can go to my fundraising page Crystal Voss Trailblaze Challenge and read more and make a secure online donation. Or you can always mail in a donation, just click on link and print out form and mail it in.
Donation Form for mail

About Bartram Trail
  Located near the mountainous towns of Franklin, Highlands and Nantahala, the Bartram Trail in North Carolina meanders around 78.4 miles of the approximate route 18th-century naturalist William Bartram journeyed in North Carolina in the 1700's. The Bartram Trail boasts some of the most scenic mountains in North Carolina with elevation reaching 5,385 feet, providing hikers with spectacular views of ridges and valleys.

Our Section Of The Trail
The trail (24.1 miles): Commencing at Appletree Campground in the upper Nantahala Gorge to Nantahala Lake, the trek ascends and briefly joins the Appalachian Trail from Winespring Bald to Wayah Bald.The top of Wayah Bald, at 5385 feet, is the highest point on the trail which then descends the Nantahala Mountains finishing the adventure outside Franklin, NC.*The 15.6 mile option will start at Saw Mill Gap and end outside Franklin, NC.

About Make-A-Wish
For children who face the overwhelming odds of a serious medical condition, the bad times can be truly devastating. Make-A-Wish® exists to remind kids of all the amazing possibilities of life and to help them through the most difficult parts of their journey.

Fundraising Page

Please share my page with everyone you know!!
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  1. So awesome that they were able to help Zach and even MORE awesome that you're giving back like you are!