Friday, July 15, 2016

hug them. squeeze them. never let them go

You hug them a little tighter, tell them you love them for the 15th time today, give them that extra kiss they ask for and when they want five more minutes in your say ok.... Why? Because you just never know if this is the last. 
They grow up too fast, in the blink of eye they go from pooping in diapers to driving a car. And you look back when you're dropping them off a block from the school  cause you're "cool" to them anymore, and you miss the times when you had the chance to squeeze them and when they actually wanted to give you kisses. 
And in the wake of all the wrong in the world, you look at this being you've created and molded and watched grow and you realize that you made some mistakes, you gave him too many cookies before dinner, they saw you cry too many times, you lost your temper once or twice... But through all of that, something great happened. Your child. 
And they are not perfect, by all means. They will mess up and ask for your help. Give it. Willingly. But even if they don't ask, give it. Because sometimes we as parents have to give in to give them what they need not what we want. 
You never know if tomorrow is promised, and watching the news everyday surely makes you hope that it is. It is scary to think people have no regard for precious life and can just take it as they wish. So treasure yours, treasure your children and family.
Hug them a little tighter, tell them you love them for the 16th time and give them another kiss. 




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