Friday, June 18, 2010

Problems keep going

So the first choice of treatment was to start on pulmacort respules mixed with splenda packets ( I know, wierd!). He was on this new treatment for a about a week when he started having more pain, he was waking up screaming all night and not eating well. The doctor from Duke let us know that his secretions from his biopsies came back with a lactose deffiancy so we took out all lactose hoping to ease his pain.
In May we went to see Dr Hill, the head of pediatric gi at Brenner Children's hospital. He seemed to think that Zach was having some malabsorbtin issues with his pancreas so we did some more stool cultures to check for fat and lactaid in his stool. He also checked his thyroid level just to eliminate any hyperthyroid problems. Both tests came back normal and yet Zach was no better. He was still having lots of pain, diarrhea and a new symptom, vomiting almost everday. The doctors put him on prevacid for heartburn and mylanta four times a day.
When he went for his 15 month checkup at Dr. Young we found out he has fallen below the 3rd percentile for his age and height. We also had him allergy tested since EE can be caused by various food allergies. His allergy tests came back with him being allergic to beef, dairy, carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, peanuts, tree nuts, and cottonseed.
At his checkup with Dr Hill on June 7 he decided to redo an endoscopy and biopsies as well as pancreatic testing and secretion testing. He had his procedure on June 15 at Brenner's, I was a lot more prepared this time and was ok with him going under anesethia.
Now, we just wait and see what his biopsies show and what is going on with his pancreas.

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