Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Zach

Today is baby Zach's birthday, very bittersweet to know my baby boy is getting older but happy that he is here and able to celebrate his birthday with all that he has/is going through. He had a wonderful party, it was small with family but very nice. He got lots of toys, mommy and daddy got him a 4 wheeler and he loves it! He also had a non edible cake...a John Deere tractor pinata filled with lots of tiny toys and stickers. Him and his brother had lots of fun smashing it open. He spent the day playing and having fun like a 2 yr old should, not worried or caring about the tubes in his belly or the many dr. appts coming up. He didn't have any food at his party...he didn't even care, it's funny how it is so expected to have food and cake at parties..but when you can't eat, you just focus on the other things and you get creative with "cake". He blew his candles out and we sang "Happy Birthday" like you normally do but instead of eating cake, he got to smash his pinata and discover toys and stickers inside. He had a wonderful day with all of his family!

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