Thursday, February 24, 2011

Surgery, number 4

We had to be at Brenners at 6 am Thursday morning for his surgery. Zach was upset since he didn't get any bottles since midnight. I had been up since 3 am with him screaming for one. We weren't there long before they called us back and placed us in the holding room. There they took his vitals, weight and he got to put on his hospital gown. The anestheoligist came in, and we couldn't have asked for a more experinced one. He was a pediatrician, then became a pediatric GI doc and now a pediatric anes. How cool. The minute he came in he said he had been waiting all these years in all the different practices to see a sucrose-isomaltase def patient and now he gets one. I was like, yeah here you child is a picture perfect image of CSID.
Amazingly, we have to explain his situation to everyone who comes in to see him, I would rather be safe than sorry so everyone hears it over and over. However I did have one of the nurses argue with me about pedialyte containing does, believe me.

His surgery took about 2 1/2-3 hours and they finally called me back to recovery. He woke up from surgery beathing funny...he has suspected tracheomalacia, which is where he has weak muscles in his throat and excitement or coughing causes them to collapse resulting in a stridor type sound. They gave him a breathing treatment and then we went to our room. He was in acute care on the 8th floor. He was hooked up to heart monitors, iv poles, and a tube draining his g-tube. His new tube was right under the g tube and he had a 2 inch incision above his belly button. He did good, slept most of thursday from the anesthesia and morphine.
About 5 pm we noticed some red spots starting to show up on his face and down his back but they said it was from the morphine and it was fine. Then about 6 pm he spiked a fever and his oxygen levels dropped. They had to put a nasal canula with oxygen on him for a bit to bring them back up....apparently after surgery sometimes, little air pockets in your lungs can collapse from being on the vent during surgery.

He spent three more days in the hospital and we finally got to come home at 5 pm on Sunday. Tuesday we had a little scare with him vomiting and running a fever and being consitpated. We had to get an xray at Cone and thought we were going to have to be readmitted but all worked out fine. He is doing much better today!
He is back to his normal self, jumping and running everywhere.

Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers, they were much needed and helped pull him through.

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  1. It was a hard waiting for the surgery to be over but your mommy was are a very special little have so many people who are with you through this journey, loving and praying for you.....I love you and Lucas with all my heart.....Nana