Thursday, August 04, 2011


Zach's nurse came Wednesday morning for his weekly weigh in and check up visit. He weighed in at 24.2 lbs which is a little over a pound loss since last thursday when she weighed him. So she called and reported his weight to his Ped dr. and I called and left a message that we needed to talk. Over the past week, Zach had just gotten so blah...he just laid around all day, had no energy, was sick on his stomach, extremely pale and cold. So his Ped and I talked and he decided to let his GI doc know the current weight and they could discuss it. His GI doc decided it was time to admit him and have another central line placed for extra calories.
We were admitted around 5:30 pm Wednesday night at Brenner's. The plan was to place a line today on thursday. He had surgery today around 12 noon and it was fast, only took about an hour to get the new line in. Luckily, it went into one of the old spots and they didn't have to place it in his neck.
He is going to have half of his calories through TPN and half through his J tube feeds. The GI doctor is also working on getting him into Kennedy Krieger, which is a division of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. We just have to wait til they get his appt scheduled. At least the TPN will keep his weight under control while we wait on his appt.
He should be able to go home hopefully by monday. We have lots to get ready before his benefit at the end of the month. We are hoping to raise enough money to last us while we have to stay in Baltimore.
Please keep praying for Zach, and please pray for Brent, a 5 yr old at UNC childrens that is very sick right now. He has mito and an acute HLH attack and needs lots of prayers right now so he can get better.

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  1. Baby Zach and the whole family you guys are in my prayers. I will get that list emailed to you tomorrow. I will do whatever I need in my power to help raise money for your trip to Baltimore! Much Love.