Friday, December 16, 2011

Going home and other plans

So we are finally going home tonight, probably around 8:30 or 9 pm after his last rounds of antibiotics and antifungal meds. He is going home on lots more meds and more pumps so it will take some getting used to.
He now has
*IV reglan every 6 hrs
*IV zofran every 8 hrs
*IV protonix 1 x day
*TPN 20 hrs a day
*Fluid replacement 24 hrs a day
*IV infusion methadone 24 hrs a day
*IV ethanol locks for 4 hrs in each lumen once a week
Elecare/pedialyte mix running enterally 1 cc/hr 24 hrs a day
Phenegren suppository every 4 hrs prn
Diluadid suppository every 1 hr prn

I think that is enough meds and stuff to keep up with for now.

His dr's met earlier this week and had big discussion about him and his plan of care. The biggest changes right now are they started him on the mix of elecare and pedialyte at 1 cc/hr 24 hrs a day to try and buy us time in preventing infections and not losing access. Everyone tells me that it is not feeds, no one is trying to feed him is just to buy time. I am trying to think of it like that, because feeding scares me...we have been down that road several times and it never ends well.
They also discussed sending him to a rheumotologist at Duke and still going to Pittsburgh to see what they think. I already heard from insurance about Pittsburgh, they are approved so just waiting on our dates to go up there. Hopefully they will let us know soon.

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  1. Even though it has got to be overwhelming I am so happy that you guys get to go home and spend time as a family!! I pray you get to stay there through Christmas. That would be a wonderful gift for your family.

    Hopefully you get those dates soon!

    Laura, mom to Tiffany (mito)