Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Zach had an endoscopy today around lunchtime to rule out the possible obstruction. They also did some contrast while he was under and got some flouroscopy pictures. Of course they didn't find an obstruction...it would have been so much easier and so much better if he would have just had an obstruction.
I didn't see GI after the endoscopy so not sure where we go now. Hopefully Dr Hill will be by tomorrow morning to enlighten me.

His autonomic garbage keeps acting up more and more....he is very clammy and sweating like crazy, causing his central line dressing to not want to stick and any tape I put on it isn't helping. He is actually kinda melting the monitor leads that on his chest, we have to keep replacing them everyday.

Still no talk about when we get out of here. He is still on 2 weeks of antibiotics and fungal treatment but that doens't stop us from going on....his GI uncertainity is what henders us.

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