Monday, December 05, 2011

gut bugs

So things were looking good infection wise, we were still trying to figure out the obstruction issues and then....he spiked a 103.7 fever. After an interesting experience with some residents who didn't know enough to satisfy me, he finally had some cultures and blood work drawn. And less than 12 hours later he grows 2 different gram neg bacterias.

The next day, he was no longer running any fevers but his heart rate was very tachy and he became very swollen, so we were transferred down to IMC again :( This time it was uneventful except for the test with the tp tube that was supposed to reveal if he had an obstruction. Thats a long story but to sum it was unsuccessful.

The two gram neg bugs were identified as a type of E coli called Citrobactor and then a psuedomona. Both gut bugs. So now he is on antibiotics again, this time a different one because the bugs he grew this time are smarter and more advanced than past ones...they are becoming antibiotic resisitant. Not good news at all!
But he is doing better, no fevers and playing again. We finally got negative cultures starting on saturday so now 14 days of antibiotics and also extending the micafungin treatment the full length of the antibiotic treatment.

On another note....both his surgeon and the Id docs think he needs to go to transplant ASAP but that also brings the problem of you can't get listed or stay listed with infections. His GI doc came by late this afternoon to give us an update on what they are doing. They have spoken to Pittsburgh and also believe he needs to go there but now Pittsburgh is hesistant about transplanting him due to not knowing the underlying condition.
So bascially we just sit and wait for Pittsburgh to make a decision. His GI doc would like to just transfer Zach up there from here so that they can help him.

So I am left wondering what happens now, what if they don't accept him, where do we go from here? I am hoping we get some answers soon. It looks like we will either be here or there for Christmas probably...there is no talk of us going home right now.

This is the condensed version..we are processing a lot right now, and my thoughts are kinda random. I will try to update again when we know more.

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