Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Comparing him

I want the very best for him and I want him to succeed in everything and to be like other kids his age.

I think that is the hardest part for me, He is not like other kids, but it so hard to not compare. It's frustrating to see classmates of his or friends' kids succeed in things way before my son. I feel like a bad parent or failure because my son can't tie his shoes, can't ride a bike, that he doesn't know his ABC's. And it's hard to explain to other parents when they ask, is he in kindergarten? how is school for him? how old is he? because you know they are asking to compare...

"No he hasn't started kindergarten, he wasn't ready and quite frankly, he isn't ready now. How is school for him?- great question, school is HARD, he can't concentrate, he can't sit still. His friends are writing notes, and reading.. he knows, he sees what others can do.. he knows what he can't. And it frustrates him, it saddens him. And he won't tell you, but he tells me...he is embarrassed for others to see his struggles." And it is not fair!!

He is 6 years old and has no idea what the world will bring. He has an imagination that soars and can build a 5 star building with any objects you give him. He will be my engineer, my architect. But honestly he wants to be a doctor. He always has since his baby brother was sick. I can remember the day I found out, I walked into his pre k classroom to find his drawing of himself that said "I want to be a doctor to make my brother better"

That is the quality that makes him special. His heart is far bigger than his classmates, he excels in loving others. No it doesn't matter that he is 6 and doesn't know his alphabet, or how to write words or how to read. He will get there, he will learn all the things that his classmates know. What matters is that he will love everyone, he will know that everyone has different challenges they face but that we are all special.

I am learning to not compare him, which is hard but because I know what and why he is special and I know that he isn't like everyone else and will never be like anyone else.. because he is him and he is perfect.

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