Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God knows I am thankful

I think I heard "there is nothing to do" and "I'm bored" a thousand times this morning... all before 10 am. And unfortunately when your child has ADHD and dyspraxia there mind can't be still, they get easily frustrated over the little things and then you have meltdowns.

We have had about three meltdowns so far this morning and that's when we decided to pack a picnic and head to the park for some much needed sunshine and energy release.

I think I can relate having a hyperactive dyspraxic child is like having a high energy puppy... if you leave a puppy inside all day with nothing to do, you come home to a destroyed house, everything chewed up and a very unhappy you. That's how Lucas is, if he doesn't have something to do to keep his mind busy, he gets frustrated and has meltdowns. 

I could have easily gotten mad at his behavior this morning, put him in his room and just listened to his whining all day... but I am learning to go with it. I am learning that his behavior comes from a source out of our hands and out of his control and so therefor punishing him for it is unfair.

Instead I have to find ways to occupy him and a way for him to release his energy and emotions.

So today I knew he needed time outside to play. 

God gave us these special boys for a reason, and everyday I am learning more and more about what helps them everday. And of course everyday is different but I am so lucky to have two beautiful boys, sometimes I take that for granted and some days it feels like I am living in a war zone of meltdowns and constant brother fighting. But at the end of the day when I am thanking God for my day and my wonderful family, I realize just how special my boys are and that they were given to us to help us more than we need to help them.

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