Friday, October 07, 2011

Again...really again, we are in the hospital

Zach woke up with a fever Thursday morning...well actually both my boys woke up with fevers :( Luke had just a low grade fever with a really stuffy nose and allergies so it was obvious and nothing a little benedryl and tylenol can't fix. Zach on the other hand was not obvious and his fever was 103 so of course we wind up at his peds office when they open. Then it is straight to get blood cultures drawn and a cbc done.

I wait for the ped to call telling me they think Zach needs antibiotics and go to Brenners. I feel like saying blah..blah...blah, at this point I really stop listening after I hear hospital and think I knew it, I knew this morning when he rolled over and touched my arm with his leg and it was burning up that we would be at Brenners by the end of the day.

So, we are.....luckily nothing is growing so far on the cultures, no more fevers since yesterday!! He feels good, still tired but he is still having blood sugar issues. Last night his blood sugar dropped to 36 while the TPN was paused to give meds. They had to give a bolus of extreme sugar water to bring it up.

Today we are waiting on the endocrinologist to come by and discuss what he/she thinks it might be and why. The GI thinks this could all be related to autonomic/mito issues :(  They also switched his TPN back to 24 hours a day so, sorry liver....please hang in there.

Good news!! I got the word today that Pittsburgh is fully approved by insurance and Zach goes on Monday!!
The long as he doesn't grow anything on his cultures!! So praying, praying, praying and more praying that nothing grows.

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