Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another holiday in the hospital

Tuesday morning, Zach woke up like he always does...he was happy and playful for about 30 minutes and then got tired so he decided to take a nap. No problem, he tried to sleep in the car while I took Luke to school. I could tell he was starting to feel bad though, he was moaning and starting to look pale.
I put him back in my bed when we got home and proceded to get ready for the day...he had PT and OT later on. About an hour later I looked at him and he was completely pale, his lips were pale, his hands and feet were frozen and mottled. He was running a fever and shaking and throwing up. So off to the peds office, on the way there he looked really bad and I was actually scared.
His lips were really pale and his eyelids kinda looked bluish. I probably should have just called an ambulance but I trust his ped the most. When we got there he immediately got some blood cultures and vitals and gave him a shot of rocephin in his thigh. We then left for Brenners ER while he called the Dr on call. When we got to the ER they were waiting on him and started fluids and antibiotics. He was starting to go into septic shock but the two fluid bolus helped to perk him up. He spent the first 24 hours in ICM which is right outside picu, it is intermediate care.
He looked much better the following days and hasn't been running fevers until tonight when he spiked a102 fever. There has been much debate over him keeping his central line, he is growing a bug he has grown before in the same line so they are thinking of pulling it since we can't keep it bug free. This makes his 3 rd infection in two months with the same line and the 5 th since April. His surgeon is out of town til Monday and when he gets back he will make the decision about the fate of the line. Like I said he spiked a fever tonight so that's not a good sign.
He is also getting another blood transfusion as we speak, his blood count had dropped to 7.4 so that explains his paleness. He fell asleep before it even started but he had to get Tylenol for the fever and benedryl for the pre med so he was tired.
This week he has his MRI with spectroscopy and muscle biopsy and GI also wants to scope him again, which is good since he has been bleeding from his stomach for about month now. They went ahead and increased his protonix again and are looking into what else they can give. He is allergic to carafate so can't have that. And they are also going to start Flagyl once a month for bacteria overgrowth.
Hopefully that will help to cut down on him translocating bacteria from his gut to his line. But we will be here for another week at least which means Halloween and our wedding anniversary will be spent in here. I shouldn't be surprised, it seems like we spend every holiday and birthday here. We decorated his room today and he is going to wear his costume on Monday so we will still make the best of it.

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