Saturday, October 08, 2011

Thank you

I am truly thankful for all the wonderful people that care for my baby boy.

He has the best Pediatrician in the world, he drops everything to talk to me or meet me after hours to look after Zach. He is always on call for Zach and I can not say enough how much it means to have a Dr that stands up for you and your child and fights for your child like he has. I completely trust him with Zach's care.

I am so thankful for the entire Piedmont Pediatrics office as well, they are wonderful and they all care and love Zach more than anyone could ask. I am especially thankful for Tonya, Kathy, Heather and Leigh Ann (even though you are no longer there). Thank you so much for everything!

And as much as we hate being in the hospital, when we are there I know the nurses that take care of him, love him and truly want to see him better. He has all the nurses charmed with his big blue eyes and little smile. They all spoil him, we could not ask for better care when we are there. I wish I could just take them all with us to Pittsburgh so they could look after him there too. Thank you so much Ryanne, Kelly, Stephanie, Brittany, Lindsay, Tracy, Mindy, Leslie, Molly and Holly for all you do for Zach and for all the love you have for him. I could not ask for better nurses!!!

I have so much thanks for his home nurse and friend, Becky. She is so much than just his home health nurse. I can call her anytime for advise or questions about Zach. Even if she isn't on call she will come see him. She loves him and Luke so much and is always there to help me.

And a very special thank you for my mom, Benita. You are the best Mom and Nana anyone could ask for, I couldn't imagine going through this without it and I am so thankful for all you do for us and the boys. Luke and Zach are very lucky to call you Nana.


  1. I am sorry that you guys are back with not many answers. Still praying for you guys everyday. God has an amazing plan for Zach and we will all rejoice when we finally hear the good news of solution to the problems. You amaze me with your strength to continue on and not give up hope and the love that still fills your heart. Keep the faith and know that God is in control. Since you are back home please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you guys!

  2. Crystal, you are such an inspiration to me. I would be no other place than with Zachary and you during this journey. I love you and my grandsons with all my heart and would do anything in this world, humanly possible to help. God is with us on this journey with little Zachary. He is our strengh and salvation. You are a wonderful mother, daughter and my best friend. I love you all so dearly and am honored to be able to be there with you to help in any way I can during his many stays in the hospital etc....You are all my life.....Love Mom/Nana