Tuesday, October 04, 2011


So today has been a whirlwind of craziness. First off, lets start by saying on Monday when his weekly labs were drawn for his TPN, they found his blood sugar level was 40. He has also been very fatigued the past couple of days...sleeping anywhere from 16 hours to 22 hours a day. So the dr's decided that he needed to
have his blood sugar checked every 3 hours for a 24 hour period. And they wanted an insulin and glucose pulled from his line this morning.

So this morning, his nurse came to draw his insulin and glucose and we did the first of many blood sugar checks. It went fine, he actually slept through it...but then again, all he did today was sleep. He slept for 19 hours today! That has been the story all weekend, he wakes for about an hour and then he sleeps for 3 or 4. this is certainly not our Zach.

For the first 2 checks his blood sugar was fine....79 and 124. And then when he got unhooked from his TPN and I checked it about 10 minutes later, it was 48! Low again, so by this point his lab results from this morning were back and his nurse had already called his ped about his results and his sleepiness.

Apparently, his ped talked to an endocrinologist and they decided that with his insulin level and glucose levels, his body doesn't have any reserves so he is using up the glucose faster than he makes more and so he can't handle changes in blood sugar. So they increased the glucose in his TPN and we will try that for 2 days and then recheck his level on Friday.
Hopefully this is why he has been sleeping all the time.

And on the Pittsburgh note, I heard from them today but no news.....the nurse said the dr is still reviewing his files and trying to decide what type of appt he needs. He is talking with the transplant director as well and together they will decide who he needs to see. So they don't have an exact date yet...but hopefully soon.

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