Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bye Bye Paci's

Before anyone says anything, yes I know Zach is 4 years old and he should had gotten rid of that paci a long time ago. But in his defense, he has had a lot of medical issues and it has been his rock, so to speak. He started using his paci when he was almost 2, because they took him off fluids by mouth and he needed something to satisfy his sucking urge. And since then he has been hooked. And really up until now, his Dr has always said he was fine...because he is special and needed it.
But...dun dun dun.... we finally got the urge to take it away.. how? Yes, that is a good question and took a lot of thought. We decided cold turkey was the way to go. So we took all paci's to Build a Bear and stuffed them in his new bear.
 This went surprising good. He stuffed them in before she added the stuffing. And then he pushed the pedal to fill him up.
And he immediately LOVED the bear! He was pretty excited with result.
 And of course, he had to dress the bear. I am not sure why he picked the scuba suit but he liked it. It also has a mask that goes with it...
And he named his new bear "Swimming Man". My kid is very original, but whatever he likes, mommy likes too. And he loves this bear, he has held him tight every minute since he got him. He has done so well without the pac's too, only a couple melt downs the fist day. Mommy is so proud of him for being such a big boy!!
Now... on to pooping in the potty, that is a whole other story...

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