Sunday, December 15, 2013

Not so easy way out

I think sometimes we all want the easy way out of things, whatever that is and however you can do it. The easy way is just better, so we think.
Even with my kids, I sometimes am guilty of this.
Luke had a follow up this week about his inability to produce certain sounds, even though he has been in speech therapy for almost 4 years. And the last time we saw this doctor for this problem, he had discussed surgery in no improvement.
So we saw him again, and he did several tests and then explains that surgery wouldn't help. It's not an easy fix, Luke has oral dyspraxia. He diagnosed him with this last year but in the years time, he hasn't improved. That's not what we wanted. Not to say that we wanted surgery either, but we wanted the easy fix. Not to find out that he simply can't make the movements with his mouth. That maybe after years and years of more therapy and support, he might be able to make a (k) sound or a (g) sound.
And then he might not be able too.
I wish I could just make it better for him, easier, but that isn't what I am supposed to do. It's not my job to make it easy, to teach him to take the easy way out. It's my job to teach him how to cope with life and all the ups and downs it throws at you. Even if it's hard and you struggle. Sometimes there is no easy way out.

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