Monday, December 02, 2013

SPD and Winter

So its December,
Its cold and Luke is outside in shorts and a T-shirt. And not due to the fact that the boy doesn't have a dresser full of pants, a closet full of shirts and jackets galore.

Wintertime used to be one of my favorite seasons, I loved snow, the changing leaves, the cold weather. But to live the changing season through the senses of my boy, has me rethinking my love for winter.
He can't help it, he doesn't like the feel of clothing on his skin. Coats and shirts are too scratchy, pants are too tight, socks above his ankles burn his legs, he will hate you for days and cry if you put a coat on him. Its probably one of the hardest things to do, to watch your child feel the world in ways you can't. And the hard part is that he doesn't know he feels the world differently.
We go through this every morning, its exhausting just to get him dressed for school. These are days I long for him to be normal. And not to say that I would ever really want him any other way, I love him the way he is. He is special, he is strong, he is unique. But some days I feel it would be so much easier to just get up and be able to dress him like any other child. Send him to school in a cute polo and some khakis, but that's just not gonna happen. I no longer fight this issue. If he wants to dress in a t shirt when its 30 degrees outside. Then he can, the way I see it, as long as i get him to school in clothes, any clothes, then I won. I accomplished a major milestone for the day and we are one more step to greatness.
I truly hope the seasons get easier for him. I hope the world gets easier for him. But either way he will get through his struggles, even if its in shorts and a T-shirt in 30 degree weather.

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  1. He IS a very special little boy (who is growing up so fast)...pick and choose your battles...we talk about that. You are a wonderful patient mommy and you have my support in any way you need. I love you honey...Mom