Sunday, October 31, 2010

The end of October

The last few weeks have been very crazy around here. Zach has been vomiting a lot more, he dropped back to 22 lbs and has been in more pain. He went to the GI about 2 weeks ago and they pulled his food again, formula only and on a 24 continuous feed through his pump. He is not allowed to drink any by mouth, except for a bottle at nap and bedtime for comfort. He also has had some more symptoms start, he has starting getting unsteady on his feet, he falls a lot more and has muscle cramps in his legs. And even on formula only again, he still is vomiting. Wednesday he vomited all day and almost had to be put back in the hospital. He is doing better now but still vomits at night.
He went back to the GI on Friday and he is concerned about all the vomiting and it just seems like every week he gets a new symptom instead of getting better. So, he is scheduling a barium study through his g-tube to check for anatomical issues and malrotation. He is also going to see a neurologist to rule out any other "bigger" issues. So hopefully this week will involve some tests and appts to get us somewhere.
On the other note, Today is Halloween and the kids had a blast trick or treating....Zachary was a monster and his big brother, Luke was a robot. Instead of candy they got bags of toys so they still got to enjoy the fun of trick or treating just without candy.

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