Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh, I need sleep

Poor baby has been up crying and vomiting for the past four nights. He is now on Zofran and a medicine for stomach cramping and we are waiting on that to work. He also had to go to a lower rate on his pump, so he is now getting 1 ounce/hour instead of 2 ounces/hour so he has to be hooked up twice as long which is 20 hours. He is taking that better than expected, he is wearing a mini backpack with his pump and bag in it and it is not slowing him down any. Last night, on the zofran he didn't vomit which is good but he still woke up many, many times crying and shaking.
Unfortunantly, we are not sure why his tummy is hurting. We are guessing it is from the venison food trial 2 weeks ago and it just messed his tummy us really bad. Hopefully, he will start to feel better really soon.

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