Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The past week

This past weekend, we went to Topsail Island. It is so pretty and calm there, so far away from the reality of the crazy life here. The kids had a blast, they loved playing in the sand and watching the waves. Unfornately, we all ended up sick with colds but everyone is getting better. I loved our time away with our boys, it's rare to get family time these days.

Zach had his 2 week recheck with his surgeon today at Brenners'. His tube looks great and he is doing so well with it. He doesn't even act like it is there anymore and now since it's been 2 weeks he can finally have a bath again. He doesn't have to go back for 4 months, that's when he teaches me how to change his tube..kinda scary, but I will do anything for him.

Also, on the food trials...we tried egg and he failed, then we tried chicken and so far the chicken has been going good...we call it a pass and then we tried venison and he failed, then we tried asparagus and he will not eat it at all so that sucks since our food choices are so limited to begin with. Right now we are at a stand still, he was eating plain natural popcorn for months now but for the last week he has been really sick and not digesting it so he is off that now too.

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