Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our GI appt today

We saw Dr Glock today, not our normal GI doctor but he has seen Zach before when he was hospitalized so we know him. He instructed us that he thinks that Zach' s stomach needs to heal yet again, and we shouldn't push anymore foods. He also took bloodwork today to check his CBC and electrolytes. His plan for the next month is:
1. Pull all food (chicken was his only food)
2. Strictly formula only again
3. Continuous daily feed of 40 ml/hour on his pump
4. 99% of feeds should be through his tube, so no sippy cups of water and bottles are for comfort not nutrition, so don't push them on him
5. At recheck appt....possibly gastric motility testing, barium studies, and changing his G tube to a GJ tube

So overall it was pretty overwhelming. We are just taking steps backwards and not making any progress to getting him to eat food. I feel like he is not getting better and nobody can tell me when or how he is going to get better. His pediatrician told me today he is a double enigma.
We go back on December 3rd so until then we are yet again just waiting..............

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