Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday

It's Friday, yay , well for me it doesn't really matter. I haven't been to work in about 3 weeks now due to my surgery and so I half the time I am not really even sure what day it is much less the date!!
But today I am going to link up with Whitney with the #backthatazzup
So here goes my Friday so far.....
1. First off, I have learned today that I will be buying my kids dentist his next new car with all the work that both my boys will need in their mouths. Good thing their dentist is also an orthodontist (as he reminded me today, I should be glad he went to school for those extra 3 years) Guess I should be looking for that extra job now and maybe by the time they are 10 I get them braces.
2. I am so tired of the cold, and if it's not the cold... it's raining, A LOT! My yard is a mudpit, my driveway is flooded, my floors are disgusting. And I'm really sure that Mother Nature doesn't know how hard it is to keep 2 boys, 1 of which has ADHD contained and happy when they can't go outside for days. But hey, on the positive note... I have greatly appreciated my rain boots I got for Christmas!
3. Football playoffs are this weekend! My team isn't playing but still I love football anyway and my home state team is in them so I guess I'm obligated to pull for them. Go Panthers!!!
4. My 6 year old experienced his first bloody nose and black eyes today. Thought it was a  good idea to burn off some energy after their dentist appt this morning at the bouncy house. My kids love this place! But yeah he decided to crash his nose into the back of his Nana's head and bloody his nose. Luckily it isn't broken but he will have black eyes for the next couple of days. Poor boy :(
5. And finally,
Good thing about the weekend, I get to sleep in!! Best plan ever!! NO school, and so the kids get to wake up with daddy and let mommy sleep in.
That's my 5 for Friday! And best part of course...
my jam for #backthatazzup 
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  1. I'm sick of the cold, too... but I'll take RAIN any day over cold!