Wednesday, January 08, 2014


So, I got weighed today at the doctor and it inspired me to write this post. And really all I can say is WOW for myself, I am so proud of myself!
February marks 2 years since I started going to the gym, and even though I don't go nearly as much now. In fact I haven't been in about a month due to being my medical issues right now but I really can't wait to start back.... hmmm did I just say that?? I never thought I would be one to actually miss going to working out.

So with that said.... 2 years ago, when I started at the gym, I was out of shape--- sooooo out of shape. My son had just came home from a long 2 month hospital stay and for the first time in 2 years he was doing good and I had came to the conclusion that I needed "me" time and start taking care of myself.

When I started at the gym, I weighed 165 lbs!!! I worked out with a personal trainer 3 days a week and a month after starting, I decided to the Spartan Sprint Race which is a BRUTAL mud/obstacle 5K race which really ended up being 5.7 miles and about 20 obstacles!! Did I mention it was BRUTAL????!!!!?? But as hard as it was, it was a real wake up call that I needed to get fit.

Yep.. that's me in the back on the right with the back pack on (Horrible picture!!)

Here are some pics of me 2 years ago, start of healthy journey....
This is before I started at gym 2010 (just so you know that I have never been small and this has always been a struggle for me)

Size 14! 
This was in March of 2012, CRAZY!!!!

This was October of 2012 on Zach's Make a Wish trip, about 8 months into journey
And today at office I weighed in at 128 lbs!!!!!!! Now, granted I have been dealing with some health issues so eating and being nauseous has been an issue over the last couple of months. But even before then, I was at a happy weight of 135 lbs at the beginning of December.
But seeing that today was just plain crazy!!!
I am actally going to strive to NOT lose anymore weight, I don't want to, it would be completely unhealthy for me and that is NOT my goal.
I want to be healthy and fit and active, not starving and look like a stick.
 But here are some pics of the now me......

  Size 6!



HUGE difference, Right?!!!
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  1. Fit and active is the best thing to aim for. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and it's HEALTHY that matters and HEALTHY that's BEAUTIFUL! :)

  2. YOU are BEAUTIFUL no matter what size (and I am not at all prejudice haha).but have worked extremely hard the past 2 you, mom