Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally Friday!!

Yay it's Friday!!
And I have a serious blog post I am working on, but just trying to get my thoughts all down so that will be coming out this weekend sometime.
But for today, it's Friday so lets have some fun!
5 on Friday
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For one- this week has been amazing in many ways, Monday was hard but finally got past a really rough place that I was in. I had been missing smiles and laughter and being the reason for someone's happy thoughts. I truly know what is important in my life and I what I want to fight for. So since Monday, I have been so happy and thankful for what is going to be a great future.
Two- Luke had his evaluation this week with his developmental and behavior doctor, which was very hard to watch (more about this in the before mentioned serious post that will be coming out this weekend) But the appt was eye opening in some ways, I learn so much more about my boy and my love for him everyday. I know he will be great and will succeed even if it just takes him longer.
Three- My blog got picked for blog of the week by Lost and Tired a really big Special Needs blog. I am so truly honored to be picked by him, I love this blog, it is very informative. And also meant that my blog got recommended to Holly Robinson Peete, which is just so exciting to me. To think that my blog is truly making a difference and people are reading it, amazes me.
Four- I am finally starting to feel better!! Praise the Lord!! I so want to feel like a human again, and today I actually made my way back into the gym. Nothing major but a big step, haven't been able to go in over a month and my body was feeling it. Emotionally the gym is awesome, such a stress relief and just me and my own world. I am so relieved to be feeling better.
Five- I got my partner for the Valentines Day swap box, My partner is Ellen from Ask Away Blog I am so excited to get to know her. She is awesome and I love learning all about her favorites. She is an amazing fashion and advise blogger. Did I mention I love here fashion sense??!!! We will be great friends for sure.
Last but not least, it's Friday so time for Whitney  #backthatazzup jam 


  1. "I know he will be great and will succeed even if it just takes him longer." This made me smile. Good mama. :)

  2. I think finding gratitude in the everyday, even the things others may not find gratefulness in is such an important thing for us to do as women, period. Life can be so hard and knock us so many ways. I am so glad you are seeing the beauty in the thorns of your son's life and the greatness in him even if others may not. So glad you are feeling better as well.