Monday, January 13, 2014

Ready to scream!!!

The drama... if anyone was going to win an Emmy at my house, my boys would have it in the bag. I sometimes, well most of time, have no clue what evens starts the meltdowns. And sometimes I honestly have had enough, I really just want to scream. Not at them but just at the world, I mean how easy would it be to dress 2 kids when you didn't have to worry about the problems just the clothes cause to him. Without having to comfort him because it's winter and it's cold and it's not appropriate to go outside in shorts and a t shirt. It's a struggle, and it's heart breaking and it's consuming.
This morning we had some broken nose drama on top of it all, which caused more change. Lucas got to stay out of school due to a Dr appt for the supposed broken nose. And any change in routine causes major problems in his behavior. So really all the meltdowns were forth coming. Even knowing today was going to be less than pleasant from the start, it still takes me by surprise just how bad or what little it takes to really set off the roller coaster of endless meltdowns.
Oh and not to mention this morning over breakfast he lost a baby tooth.... so that ended breakfast and has farther ruined all meals for the remainder of the day.
 I have learned that sometimes the best thing during his meltdowns is to give him space and let him calm down. After the what seemed like endless car ride to the doctor, he sat quietly on the bench across from me, buried in his fleece hoodie, not looking at anyone. I let him sit there, got many looks from all the other parents in the room and knew what they were thinking. But until they walk a day in my shoes, they can give all the looks they want. When he finally made eye contact with me, I slid onto the bench next to him and he layed his head in my lap and told me he loved me.
The endings sometimes come just as fast and mysterious as the meltdowns do.
And now as I write this, both boys are immersed in playing Minecraft on their tablets. And hopefully the worst has come and gone today. But then we still have dinner, bath and bedtime to get through. And for a 6 year old that has no control over his hyperactive mind, bedtime leads into a bigger battle. So I am sure I will be ready to scream again around 9:00 tonight after the third or fourth time of tucking him into his bed.
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  1. I know things are rough sometimes and it seems like the battle with out of your control situations will not come to a conclusion. I think you are doing a wonderful job considering the adversities at hand. Christopher C Green