Thursday, January 09, 2014

What's in my playlist??

So my taste in music ranges from
"that's an awesome OMG what is this girl thinking??"
I like a lot of mainstream songs and artists but then again I love the bands that aren't so big too. Although now in my car I really don't get to listen to my music choices, my radio is now filled with "the fresh beat band" and "frozen" soundtrack.
But when I do get a choice, you know when both kids have their headphones on playing on their tablets (we call this mommy time) This is my go to playlist, and most of time I just skip to the songs I am in the mood for. I am the type of person that likes the song because of the story it tells not just because it is catchy.
So have some fun and listen to my playlist, you can thank me for all your new song loves later :)

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  1. Hi Dear! I have tagged you for the "My First Time" tag! I would love if you answered to it, but feel free to refuse of course ;)

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  2. I like the old school jams that popped in there randomly! haha Broken is such a great song, I love it! :)